06 November 2021

How anxiety can be helpful

Even anxiety, if experienced in appropriate, situation-specific ways, can help us. Here are some useful considerations

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09 October 2021

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a much more difficult form of abuse to recognize and accept. Let's see what it is.

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25 September 2021

3 breathing exercises to help you sleep

Breathing exercises are designed to take advantage of the strong link between mind and body.

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11 September 2021

3 small useful tips for our psychophysical well-being

Do physical activity / movement: it is scientifically proven that green exercise (any physical exercise that takes place in a natural environment) such ...

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07 August 2021

5 ways to use meditation at work

Mindfulness : when you come to start your next task in your working day, attempt to focus solely on that task… You will experience your attention ...

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10 July 2021

9 types of overthinking

Everyone happens to get trapped in their own thoughts, let's see specifically which ones can put us in more difficulty.

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