5 ways to use meditation at work

  1. Mindfulness : when you come to start your next task in your working day, attempt to focus solely on that task… You will experience your attention wandering, but whenever you noticethat your thoughts have moved gently guide it back to the task at hand ;
  2. Breathing exercises : an exercise you can try is box brathing. Box breathing requires you to : inhale for around 5/6 seconds, hold the breath in for 5/6 seconds, exhale for 5/6 seconds then hold again for 5/6 seconds before starting the cycle over again ;
  3. Body scan : bring your awareness to all the sensations in the top of your head, and move your awareness all the way down your body, until you reach your toes. Identify where you feel tense and attempt to breathe deeply into this area and relax it ;
  4. Loving kindness : after every phone call or meeting, wish the person you where speaking to well, or each time a colleague walks past your desk, say a silent hope that they experience love and happiness in their life ;
  5. Walking meditation : go for a walk, and notice the feeling of the floor under your feet. Then try to shift your awareness up into your ankle, then your legs and knees, and up into your hips. Do this during or break or whenever the feeling calls.

It might seem counterproductive to the process to practise in the middle of an office-setting, but in reality, we can meditate just about anywhere, doing just about anything. By meditating while we work we can both increase our productivity and establish a healthier mindset towards our work.