9 types of overthinking

Everyone happens to get trapped in their own thoughts, let's see specifically which ones can put us in more difficulty.
  1. Worries about the future: processing the “worst case scenario” and the “ what if…. of something potentially distressing in the future (for example, problems with co-workers or financial problems);
  2. Ruminating about the past: constantly going over an event in the past that hurt you or led to a negative outcome (for example, replaying a traumatic event or shaming yourself for a mistake you made);
  3. “Big Picture”Overthinking: being “stuck” on an outcome behind certain societal concerns (eg, global warming, existential questions);
  4. Mindreading: overthinking how others are perceiving something (for example, how they view you whether they’re still judging you for something you did in the past, whether they noticed an imperfection you are trying to hide) ;
  5. Indecisiveness: overthinking the outcome of a relatively small decision (for example, what to wear or what toothpaste to should buy);
  6. Over-reading into things: analyzing something that objectively doesn’t justify that much consideration (for example, fixating on the meaning behind a comment for days after it’s said);
  7. Hopelessness: being “stuck” in an unproductive, negative thought loop about a circumstance (for example, "I can't do it" or "there is no point in trying" or “things will never get better);
  8. Worthlessness: being “stuck” in an unproductive, negative thought about yourself (for example, "I'm such a burden" or "I'll never get what I want" or “I hate my body”);
  9. Mental chatter: generalized thoughts in the background that are passive in but that distract you from the present in the moment.