Healthy perspective on emotions

Being emotional is seen by some as a bad thingh, a weakness, byt whether we like it or not we alla have emotions and it is healthier to accept that we are emotional beings.

Here is what is important to remember:

  1. Emotionsare neither good or bad, right or wrong. Feelings simply are. They simply exist. It is not useful to judge your emotions;
  2. There is a difference between having an emotion and doing something or acting under emotion;
  3. Emotions don’t last forever. No matter what you’re feeling, eventually the emotion will pass and another emotion will take over in its place;
  4. When a strong emotion comes, you do not have to act on your feeling. All you need to do is recognise the emotion and feel it;
  5. Emotions are not facts. When emotions are ery powerful the feel just like “the truth”;
  6. You cannot get rid of emotions because they serve important survival functions. Be willing to radically accpt your emotions as they arise.