4 ways to cultivate self-compassion

Self-compassion or kindness towards oneself is a concept that is interpreted in different ways.
Its meaning in psychology concerns the ability to be less critical and more forgiving of oneself, which favors a more realistic view of one's situation.

Self-compassion is an "ability of" emotional intelligence.

It is the ability to empathize with oneself, to be kind to oneself, without criticizing or judging oneself for mistakes, actually helping to maintain motivation.

Here are some little tips for cultivating some kindness towards yourself:
  1. Prioritise being kind to yourself : practice being gentle, understanding and forgiving towards yourself (for example, you can say « it’s normal to feel this way in this situation » or ask yourself what would you need to feel better);
  2. Embrace common humanity: recognise your similarities and shared experiences with others rather than isolating yourself (for example, you can say « others are feeling this way » or «all of us fight with something in our lifes »);
  3. Don’t ignore or criticise your pain: appreciate and embrace yourself as you would a dear friend;
  4. Cultivate a mindful balance: rather than suppressing your feelings, remember how all feelings will eventually pass.