16 January 2021

Our brain

The theory of "triune" brain, formulated by Paul MacLean in the early 1970s, is an "academic simplification" of the functioning of the brain, but very useful for clarifying and understanding its mechanisms.

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21 November 2020

Why crying is good for you

Culturally, we are inclined to see women as "crybabies" and men as those who cannot show tears in public, because they are considered a sign of weakness. But let's try to dispel this now outdated myth.

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07 November 2020

Suggestions to cope with stress during lockdown

In this period it is normal to feel stressed and find yourself caught in negative or catastrophic thoughts.

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10 October 2020


We've all heard people tell us, "You should learn to say what you think!" But how exactly? By becoming more assertive!

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26 September 2020

Sport Psychologist

I started my freelance career also working with sports psychology, a great passion of mine.

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05 September 2020

Schema Therapy

You always fall into the same mistakes, you always meet a certain type of people, do you find partners with the same faults or relationships that always take the same turn? Perhaps you are "victims" of a schema and Schema Therapy is the one for you!

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